Acunucture, what is this about?

Acupuncture is one of the well-known and highly respectful complementary medical treatment modalities in the world. Modern biochemical research scientifically proved positive impact of acupuncture on human health. Majority of people know that treatment effect of acupuncture occurs through painless insertion of specially designed tiny needles into specific locations on the skin, i.e. acupuncture points or acupoints. However, not all people know, that several sofisticated and amazingly interrelated theories stand behind this procedure. According to these theories physical and mental well-being of individuals depends on free flow of energy within specific channels, on which acupoints are located. Interrupted free flow of energy causes imbalance of energy and a person gets ill.
Acupuncture usually effective in treatment of chronic medical problems. With exception of cases with irreversible morphological changes, acupuncture is effective in treatment of neck and back pain, headache, allergic conditions, joint problems. Besides that, acupuncture demostrated positive results in medical management of male and female problems, skin and gastrointestinal disorders as well as high blood pressure.
After traditional Chinese physical examination acupuncture practitioner painlessly inserts disposable acupuncture needles into specific places on the skin with 10 – 40 minutes of exposition (overall time of exposition depends on medical problem). During the session patient experiences feeling of numbness, heaviness, coolness or heat around inserted needle. The number of sessions varies between 5 to 10 and the treatment usually stops when improvement is at least 70%. Nutritional and exercise consultations as well as recommendations on supplements enhance treatment effect of acupuncture and make overall improvement to be permanent.