My name is Shahin Ahmedov (MD, PhD). I am permanent member of Cyprus Turkish Medical Association since 1993 and I work as anesthesiologist, lecturer and acupuncture therapist. Detailed info about my background can be found here.

I use acupuncture therapy in my private clinic in north Nicosia. The purpose of this activity is to help solving patien’s medical problems through activation of the body’s natural defence system.

I hope that this website will help you to be better acquanted with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Application of acupuncture, point pressure massage, cupping technique, nutritional advice, vitamin-mineral supplementation and tai chi chuan allow me to completely or significantly solve various medical problems in 8 out of 10 patients. Such ailments like headache, constipation, musculo-skeletal disorders, allergic conditions, male and female problems and many other medical dis-eases are among conditions, effectively treated by acupuncture.

More information about acupuncture can be obtained from here.